TG ArmA admin team may have found a very practical and promising solution to improve organization and teamwork in PR: ArmA.

I havent joined yet but judging by the comments, this seems to be working out very nice.

Visit PR: ArmA forums for more info. See you at the main base ;)

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Hello gents,

I dont know how this all started but looks like these "tactical take-over" events hit the bull's eye.

Detailed events takes a lot of time to prepare and un-planned casual play is a hit and miss depending on who is on the server. TT events seem to be right balance between these two. It's been a while I stopped playing PR: Arma. The biggest reason was the lack of organization. Rubber banding was another. I also had a very old hardware. People say patch solved rubber banding. I also upgraded my machine. This looks like to be a great time to re-visit PR: ArmA. I hope events are also organized during euro-friendly times. I will let my 1stMIP buddies know about this as well.

This looks like to be another case of "build it and they will come" magic of TG. Kudos to planners and organizers. Looking forward to joining you all.