I had to see it myself so downloaded the mod and joined the nightmare... It is not surprising that something great like this comes as a mod of ArmA. If you are a PC Gamer, you need to experience it.

I dont like zombie stories. But it would be an underestimation to call DayZ a zombie mod. It is about survival in a chaotic situation. It is about strong human emotions. Decision making under the stress of extraordinary situations. I like to think about these things. They show who we really are. Thats why I am also following the series "The Walking Dead".

Highly recommend the mod. And before I forget, I need backup... Sitting on the roof of a power plant building, surrounded by zombies. I refuse to set my foot on the ground again without proper backup :)


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  • Introduction to DayZ by Damonte

  • PC Gamer interview with the developer

    "I guess I’ve always been really passionate about this whole idea of creating persistent worlds, and real, true emergent gameplay. And letting the players come up with the stories"

    "So I made a deliberate decision with it to follow where Arma was going and just provide that context around it and just use Arma to generate emotions in people. In a way it almost becomes an “anti-game” because you’re not sitting there going “OK, well we’ve got this weapon that needs this balance” or “these people are starting in this way, we need to balance it for when they go into the cities.”

    "One of the new guys goes “Wow, you killed him,” and I just remember, it actually had a profound impact on me. I suddenly thought—that guy could’ve been playing for six hours or a day, you know. And I killed him, and for what?...Because if I had killed someone in say, Battlefield 3 or something like that, I still wouldn’t be thinking about it the next day."

    "And that’s actually amazing, what people have been able to achieve as groups. That’s where these amazing stories come out. I read through the forums and I was just beside myself, I couldn’t believe the situations that happened. People posting and comments on the articles, just these unbelievable coincidences and camaraderie and also these terrible tragedies"

    "The engine itself is brutal, the world is huge, and it’s underused by nearly all sort of [normal Arma] missions. Chernarus didn’t receive the attention that it deserved"

  • BBC News

    "To these permanent threats, Mr Hall added mechanics that helped players connect with their character."

    ""I believe the persistent world combined with permanent death switches something over in the player's mind which causes them to play in a different way than they usually do," Mr Hall told the BBC. "It sort of hot-wires on existing emotions and instinctive processes, which I think is why players are having some really emotionally intense and vivid experiences in the game."

    "The huge and continuing success of Day Z had validated everything he wanted to prove about what gamers wanted, he said."

    "I'm only speaking anecdotally, but I believe that video game combat is generally more satisfying against humanoid opponents"

    ""We are seeing the unchecked power of capitalism, so we are reaching for this metaphor," she said. "Zombies speak in so many ways to what capitalism has done to us."

  • Armchair General Interview

    "Looking back … it just doesn’t really seem to describe it, but it is sort of hard to describe all the stuff in between, the friendships I made. And I mean really, it’s the stuff in between that really matters. Maybe that’s what helped me with Day Z … the things you can’t put your finger on … that stuff matters. A lot. The friendships, they are the kind of friendships that can only be made in a very desperate situation. When you are starving, in the middle of a fly-infested jungle … covered with leaches. You learn who your real friends are. And you don’t ever forget."