Just yesterday when I was driving home, I was attacked by a car. I took care of it but my car was damaged. So I hopped out, took cover and was watching for incoming attackers. Suddenly an ambulance turned out and the "good guy" reflex in me caused a second of hesitation; maybe they were here to help me. Right? Well, you can guess the end of this sad story. Take home lesson... Dont trust strangers. After the incident, I stopped by at a grocery store to buy some snacks. Another customer joined me and he kindly waited in line. So far so good. Then he decided to rob the place. I decided to flee but his car was blocking the damn door. I was trapped inside ! In the mean time, police officers arrived the scene and the bullet rain started. Well, I thought I was safe since I didnt commit any crime. Right? Well, I dont know how, but the robber managed to get out and took his car. The door was unblocked, that`s good... But now there were half a dozen police officers barging in the store. Let me tell you that no one read me my miranda rights... Naively, I thought he just wanted to rob the place. Then I realized this might be another innovative way of wasting one`s life since he couldnt engage me directly in a no PvP zone. Blocked door cannot be a coincidence right? Ha ha... maybe he was just an incompetent robber but I prefer to believe that he was a smart sociopath :)

Videos of the Week

With the release of GTAV and its excellent video editor, a new era of game videography and machinima is starting. I have a feeling that this will become a really big entertainment sector in the near future. Here are some of the examples.

Police Chase
Music fits really well. Also liked how he used the slow-motion.

Caper Cross Section
Capture of a fight scene followed by police intervention in slow-motion.

Sins of the Past
Quite dramatic.

Running Man
The first video made on GTA V's new PC video editor