The forum discussions being held on the Bad Company 2 forum area has skirted around this issue a few times without ever really hitting it; the Rush game mode and TG servers.

Many people, I think, want to see this game mode passed over when it comes to our little piece of BattleField carnage; favoring instead the Conquest game mode.

I, on the other hand, and some others absolutely love this game mode.

For those who aren't in the know the Rush game mode pits one team against the other in an attacker/defender style. The objective for the defending team is simple: kill the attackers enough to run down their ticket count like in the familiar Conquest mode. The objective for the attackers are two crates called "m-com stations". Attackers need to blow up these crates using explosives, collapsed buildings or setting a timed charge that the defenders can diffuse. When the attackers have blown up both crates the defending team falls back to a new position with 2 brand new crates to defend. The attackers gain a few extra tickets to help with the next push and the defenders get a better position to defend from and/or extra armor and equipment to aid in defense.

I like this game mode because I think it speaks to something in the very core of Tactical Gamer. It's an objective based game that involves some very creative tactics and thinking. The attacking team start of the round with a huge advantage but by the end of the round the defenders have the massive advantage. The tactics employed throughout the round have to be constantly changing to meet new terrain, new defenses and new tactics employed by the opposing team.

Now, a lot of people do not like the C4 charges as a way to blow the crates. A few don't like that a tank can sit back and shell a building. I think both encourage squad play and teamwork from the defenders. 2 guys sitting on each crate and no solo recon/assault is getting C4 charges down. A squad in a slightly advanced position can make armor back away or even blow it up.

And this is just the beta! Think of what tactics will have evolved out of this game after we've been playing for 3 months, 6 months, a year.

It'd be a real shame if this game mode is overlooked for the all-too-familiar Conquest. I came to this game to see and play something different!