I didn't want to waste forum space for this, so I decided to post to a blog. Hello, everyone on Tactical Gamer! My (screen) name is LadiesMan281. I enjoy platformers, RPG's and FPS's. My favorite series is the Battlefield series, although admittedly, I didn't start in the Battlefield series until Bad Company 1 on the Xbox 360. I really enjoy communication and teamwork, which is why I signed up with TG. Yeah, there was that one year where I never logged on.....................uuhhhhhh.............but I had a rough year. But, I'm here in full force now and look forward to enjoying many good times with fellow TG'ers! My Steam and any in-game ID's are listed on my profile, along with any games that I own that I can play online with others! Feel free to add me to your friends lists! If anyone has any questions, just shoot me a message. I look forward to gaming with you! :)