Her night was finally over and today was the first day of her new life. She rose from her bed of wet leaves and put on her cloak that she used as a dry sheet for her bed. A little wet but mostly dry now from the morning sun she looked around. So today is the day my life begins she thought in a happy tone. She started to walk off and then realized she had forgotten something. She turned scared of what might have happened to it, it could have gotten stolen or worse. But to a sigh of relief it remain next to her make shift bed were she left it. She bent down and picked up the staff that her father gave her and then pressed on to nowhere.
Traveling for a few hours without incident she got careless and her mind drifted off. Not long after she lost concentration she was jumped by four men dressed in rags obviously outlaws and thieves. She only had the little combat training she learned from her boasting male friends and the self defense lessons her father had taught her over the years. She was no match, one on one she could have taken them but the overwhelming number attacked her faster then she could cast one prayer to Dyvinia. Their intent was rape and it seemed as if they were about to reach their goal on this lovely fresh untouched victim. Her screams gave pleasure to these sick individuals who were trying to get her down to the ground. But her screams would not be in vain.

Raising his head as a reflex to the horrible screams of a lady in trouble he quickly
pinpointed her location and ran in full sprint to the area. In a matter of seconds she was in sight and he saw the men who just got her to the ground and were attempting to hold her still as the fourth man was preparing himself. Sprinting he removed his cloak and drew his sword all in one motion. As soon as the bandit’s pants fell Mercaitor sliced the back of his knees causing him to fall to them, kneeling finally realizing what happened he let out of cry of pain that was instantly silenced as Mercaitor pivoted lifting from his crouch needed to inflict the first blow and brought his sword back striking the bandit dead with the opposite side of the sword from the initial slice at his knees. His sword completely covered with the bandits blood he was again using his two handed style he turned his head to the other three who were just beginning to fumble for their weapons. Mercaitor struck another dead before he had a chance to reach his weapon but now the remaining two men were armed and ready. Charging at Mercaitor the left one first and the other behind him on Mercaitor’s right. Mercaitor prepared himself for the stunt he was about to pull. As fast as a blink of the eye he blocked off the first bandit’s chop that came from over head as he was telegraphing during the charge and spun low tearing open the second bandit’s stomach. The bandit fell to his knees first choking on his own blood, arms covering his mortal wound and then fell face first to the earth curled in the blinding pain before death.
The last bandit stared around in terror as his companions lye dead and dying around him but before he could react he was impaled from behind. He looks down at the cause of his death that had gone straight through him and out his upper stomach right below his sternum. The silver angel sit there covered in blood mocking him the razor wing reflected the light of the suns as the bandit went blind from the pain and died. Removing the staff from its victim Carana sat there amazed and hurting. It was the first life she had ever taken but she just did it without thinking. She was awoken from her nightmarish day dream by the man who had rescued her that had his hand around her shoulder shaking her out of her blind stare.
“Are you OK, miss?” she without thinking pulled from his relaxed grasp and readied herself for battle her staff in two hands looking at him with the same blind stare. As her eyes came in focus she studied him, he made no attempt to defend himself and she lowered her staff and relaxed her muscles.
“I don’t think it was meant to be used like that”, Mercaitor told her referring to the life blood dripping angel staff. For a moment she had no idea what he was talking about but soon realized laughing at her idiocy.
“I suppose so.” she retorted still dazed from the kill.
“Your first kill, huh?”
“That it is. Is it normal to feel bad even though all I could think of a second ago was slaughtering each and every one of them?”
“As normal as the weather is unpredictable.” He said staring at the sky remembering his drifted thoughts. “But soon you will realize it was them or you and as long as you are never the aggressor there is nothing you can do about it.”
“My name is Carana.” she said realizing that this man had saved her without knowing who she was.
“Please to meet you, my name is Mercaitor Icewolf. What is your families name?” taken back for a moment he realized he meant her last name.
“Lightlily. Thank you for saving me kind Sir.” noticing his unique and well decorated armor of a Knight. His armor was uniquely fashioned like none she had seen before. The shoulder pieces were the most striking seemingly made of three pieces of metal they overlapped outward with sharp points curving up and down.
“Mercaitor, will be fine Cleric.”
“You may call me Carana.”
“So Carana I suppose you are new to the cleric thing as well as the killing.”
“This is true I have just received my calling and have begun my journey”
“To where, might I ask?” Mercaitor asked grabbing his cloak off the ground and draping it over his broad shouldered armor.
“That I do not know?” she said gather her things that lay scattered around her by the bandits.
“Would you like to accompany me? For I am returning to my ruler, Lord Remnit, also as you may have learned, cleric or not, some dangers you cannot overcome on your own.”
“I have heard much of Lord Remnit’s realm and greatly admire what he has done for Wantilan. You are one of his Knights?”
“Yes, my Lord is the greatest ruler Wantilan has ever known. I gladly put my life to his mission of freedom and unity for all of Wantilan’s races. His kingdom was even built to honor the true gods. The walls split his vast city into eight sections one for each God and their children. Even the evil Imfel’s children have a section all their own in Remnit’s land.”
“Even Imfel’s children? You mean orcs, punrigs and goblins live their too.”
“In fact yes many more monsters then that but Remnit believes all creatures have a good side and the ones who don’t make trouble are free to stay.”
“That sounds extremely dangerous to have those wild creatures in the city.”
“The city is sectioned off into the eight parts like a wheel around the castle. The Imfel section has much sturdier walls and guards then some other sections but you would be surprised how well some of the monsters seem just like you or me when you get to know them. So would you like to see Remnit’s city?”
“I will be glad to accompany you, for maybe what my path leads to is you, or maybe you are meant to lead me to another path. I guess only time will tell.”
“Well we must get going now, I wish to reach my kingdom by nightfall and the road seems to be full of thieves.”