Well, I've decided that the internet, though very useful and entertaining, does strange things to people. Unless the only people I encounter are strange. Which is entirely possible. :madsmile:

I believe this phenomenon occurs, and I'm sure everyone can agree (or at least understand), because there is no inflection or emotion infused in the words that are written. This causes most people to take what is written as a serious comment because they cannot hear the tone in which is was actually being said (or thought). And yet, knowing that this is occurring (the lack of tone infused into written word), people still insist that everything that is stated has some form of double meaning or hidden message. And yet I feel that if that same person *heard* the sentence or phrase, there would be no question as to it's actual meaning.

This problem has caused me, several times, to want to give up any and all internet communications. I already have an issue saying what I truly mean, and then when I think I've said it adequately, someone misreads it (for the above mentioned reasons) and I get flustered all over again.

And then I find a random picture that reaffirms why the internet is such an awesome place to hang out.