Hi im Lyra.

I sometiems live at TG and yell at people to do their job better. I also like to bath TG admins with a mix of useful posts and minor infractions. Im German but in my normal life I speak more English than actual German. Many might know me from my long "career" of 2142 where a bunch of bush people sat me on a throne like their guru or something. Currently busy on Bad Company 2. Usually to be found on Steam.

If you made it to this blogg, it means you clicked on my User profile to check it out. You curious person you. Theres no secret candy here. The unicorns are in their winter quarters. Nothing to see here at all. You should stop reading and move along now. You, yes you! Why are you still reading on. You could stop and go get a shower. Or start up a game. Do your nails. Scratch your head. Well now we getting funny. Dont you have something to do? Maybe do your own blog? So I can click on it and spy on you? See you doing noughty things in your blog? Ha, I bet you would like that. But sorry, Im too busys for that. Im busy counting my rainbow collection under my bed. No you can not see it. NO you cannot touch it. If by now you didnt stop reading I suggest to tie 2 pink baloons to your ears and carry them around. If you go out on the street and see someone else with 2 pinl baloons tied to their ears - you will know: "OHHHH that guy alos read Lyramions blog at TG" and you instantly have something in common and to talk about - GENIUS!