Been playing the new Chaos Campaign with Reaper. Itīs sooo nice to have a good coop title. You know I have grown up with the SNES and everything and their dog was Coop - 2 Players - AWESOME ! The N64 after tried to push it to 4-Players but didnīt quite make it. Most games had some singleplayer and then on top some alibi 4.Player thing that mostly sucked. Then after there was PS2 kind of... which went on into masive FMV singleplayer orgys. Then Xbox... which well has xbox live but was mostly about killing each other in various stuff instead of working together.

Now as a full circle of this rant I will return to DoW II - a great game for the Coop Campaign. Each of you can take control over 2 Squads of tough marines, leaving the other 2-3 behind on the ship for the current mission. So you have those 2 people with 2 Squads each deploying on a Mission... RTSRPGDIABLOC&CSTYLE. You talk about where to head, what to kill, crying for help, for revives, buffing your teammates. Hilarious and fun- just like Coop should be. Sad part is only that itīs so addicting, that you will want to blast thru - then be left with a taste for more.

Then there is Last Stand. A Survival thing where you select 1 of 5 heroes and are trying to survive 20 stages. But you are not alone, because 2 other people join you. These can be friends or wild strangers. You get thrown into this circle arena in the middle of nowhere, while the enemy hordes come rushing in. Stage 1-7 is usually a cakewalk. 9-15 more challening, while 16-20 are frequently your death. Unlike survival in games like L4d you CAN actually win sīStage 20 but itīs a big effort in teamwork and knowledge to do so. You level up in this mode - not the normal level up where the game throws a lot of HP and MP and you, butyou get new gear options. one of the gametips says "Skill trumps Levels!" - which is not totally true of course. Every class has at least 1 unlock that enhances your movement in some way - Jetpack, Teleports, Warp - these are CRITICAL to beating any of the upper stages as the waves coming in are LARGE and STRONG.

End of Rant >>>> Coop ftw