As I come to the last week of being here in South Africa I can formulate my thoughts on how it was to travel out of my home country. While the cost can be high, this experience was well worth the pricetag. If anyone gets the chance to travel out of their home country, I would suggest trying it. It has opened my eyes and help round out my little world. Definitely an amazing experience and and I hope that I will be coming back here in the next couple of years.

This is a normal response to a trip and one that anyone could say. It has no personality and while it is true, how much more is missed when people don't take the time to truly put down their deeper thoughts.

As I have spent time observing four different cultures, I understand more of how they play a role into how one identifies with oneself. Without something that transcends the culture that you live in, people become lost in what they can't see. And it happend to me as well. Coming from Amarica, there was so much that, I truly didn't see as being my culture. I could ramble on about how there are many differences but to me the most important thing that I learned here is that without an outside point of reference, it is truly hard to tell if you are changing. Without a constant that people and look to, you are left with just yourself and the culture you find yourself in.

With that said, what I found most interesting, was Not the big fantastic spectacles, Not the huge ocean and her rolling waves, Not the crazy different nature with wiled plants and monkeys, And not even the different lifestyles, but the Life that was there. I had often seen pictures and assumed that what was in the picture was what it looked like. While this is true what made it so much different from any pictures or videos I've seen was the life that was there. The life of individual people doing their own thing and calling that place their home. And knowing that each of these people had their own lives and that to them I was just random person really made me appreciate how wonderful and mysterious life is.

With that as much as I love being here I'm ready to go home. There's no place like home and now I understand why.