Well I finely made the long trip home. And when I say long, I mean 46 hours of travel time kind of long. Beds where not apart of this equation but airport benches, airplane seats and the ground was. The two days before I left, I stayed up till 1am African time, so as to help me adjust to the time change ahead. Than I got up at 5 am on the day I left which caused me to be tired enough to sleep on both plane rides of that day. But than I got stuck on a 11 hour layover with my goal of staying up all night while in an airport. Man it was rough and I almost didn't make it but finely I got on my plane at 5 am the second day of travel. At this point I had traveled from Durban to Johannesburg, than to Entebbe and was making my way up to Istanbul. Between the movies and the music on the plane, I was able to keep myself away until we landed in Istanbul. The Istanbul airport made a wonderful place to walk for several hours and enjoy my freedom from the airplane chairs. But the hardest was still to come as my flight home was over 10 hours. And when I realized just how long my flight was, I was too tired to really care.

When I thought I had finely made it home I got stuck waiting for my luggage for about an hour while in the Chicago airport. But after all was said and done, I was able to say awake till the good hour of 10 pm American time [8 am African time]. Than after two days of being home, I got braces. O_O Not the best moment of planing I will admit, but it was done before I had traveled. And than two days after getting braces, I got sick. When I finely got over all of that, it was nearing Easter and the family was to get together. All this to say, I have been busy with a bunch of new/old things and can't wait till it feels like I truly have come back to home the way it was before.

So a tip to those who want to travel, Round trips are great for price but can make your return flight amazingly long. And Please don't get braces within the first two weeks of coming home form a long trip. There will be pot-load of food you will want to have again and braces will only give you pain.

Well now you are all up to date, I guess that means I need to go back to cleaning the basement for the nieces and nephews. ;) Can't wait to see them!