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No.. it wasn't ghosts, goblins, trolls, or Birdie wearing his thong backwards...

The start of this story is innocent enough. I was minding my own business, playing some BC2 on a pubbie server and pwning some n00bs. I happened to be the gunner of the gunship, piloted by a pub and we were smoking the enemy gunship and transport choppers. I was actually quite shocked on how well we were doing for our team. In quick succession, I downed the enemy gunship and the pilot blew a tank when, all of a sudden, I heard this weird buzzing noise, smelled ozone, and my screen went black. I thought there had been a transformer that went out or something. Until, that is, I noticed my clock and desk lamp were both still on. I started to sweat. My stomach started to churn... It had to be my computer that just f'ing fried!

So, I cracked my case and unplugged the power supply from everything except the front panel to try and minimize any further damage to the expensive components inside. I hit the power button and I actually saw sparks fly out the back of my power supply! I also saw some freaking smoke puff out! I hurriedly ripped the power cord from my system and fought the urge to start crying like an angry, hungry baby. I was at a loss.. I thought, "this is it! my precious just died and I will be all alone!" I quickly remembered that I have no cash in my "rainy day fund", as I had just spent it on replacing my video card. I have just enough cash in my back account to get a cheapy power supply to limp by on.

I sullenly started removing the burned and stinking power supply corpse from my case when my brother walked in. I told him what had happened and, like the good brother he is, offered me his condolences. He also reminded me that he had recently built a new system and had a cheapy 585W Orion power supply that he had in his parts box. After he dug it out of storage, I quickly dropped it in my case and buttoned it up. With fingers crossed, I plugged everything in and hit the power button. And... Nothing. Nada. Zilcho! I actually had to grab a kleenex.

At this point, I remembered that power supply's have their own power switch. I checked and it was set to Off. Angrily, I flipped it on and punched the power button on the case. I heard the fans and HDD's start spinning up. Good sign! I turned my LCD panel on and I saw my BIOS and POST screens. Everything was detected properly: 8GB RAM with the proper timings, both SATA HDD's and the SATA DVD/RW. Next, the Windows 7 loading screen came up and I thought, "This is where it will go south.. this had to have fried my RAM or CPU". Then I was greeted with my desktop and all the little gadgets started loading, IM programs, monitoring software, everything!

Apparently, the only thing I lost was my power supply. I honestly thought, with my 15+ years of hardware tech experience, that when a power supply blows, it takes at least one component with it. I dodged the bullet this time it would appear. Everything appears to be working. The only thing I have left to do is to fire up a game to make sure.

Sorry for the overly dramatic writing... I just had to share my feelings as well as my story.