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Another epic trip in the books. As is usual, I had a complete blast and I even caught a few fish.

The first day, on my first cast, I landed an 11" brookie. That hasn't happened in a loooong time. I felt like I was starting to get my touch back and was excited to see if it was true. I actually caught quite a few brook trout throughout the day. A handful of tiny 3-5" fish and six 7-9" brooks. Normally, those 7+ inch fish are keepers but, Roger pitched a bitch about how hard those littler fish are to filet. So, we agreed to only keep 10+ inch fish. The last fish I caught that day was a nice 9 inch. I pulled out my fishing pliers, with the intention of removing the hook, when old habits kicked in (or it could have been the 'nerve medicine' I had taken moments before :o) and I brained the poor thing. Oh well.. it was dead and I wasn't going to waste it, so into the bag it went. If you look closely, you may notice that the 11 inch's eyeball is kinda poking out. I guess I brained him pretty good... Still kinda freaks me out when I look at it. Heh.

Our second day, Roger and I hit up the Manistee, looking for some larger fish. Roger had taken a friend of his and his friends dad up a couple weeks ago and they caught a 16 inch rainbow and a few large bass. We were hoping to do as well on this trip. We only managed to catch tiny little fish.. I got a 6" bass and nothing else but the bottom. Roger kept catching these tiny, weird looking fish. He didn't have a camera on him, so no pics. Then he managed to catch a very small fish.. on the order of 2 or 3 inches, max. Might have been a minnow or a shiner.. on a Lil' Cleo. Actually hooked it in the mouth.

We headed back for lunch around noon time and Roger decided that he's completely done trying to fish the Manistee. Personally, even though I didn't catch any keepers, I had a good time. I don't understand why he gets all pissy when he doesn't land anything. After all, it's called fishing.. not catching.

I ended up catching and releasing 5 or more 7-9" trout that day.

The first cast of the third day, I landed this 13" Rainbow. It's now my biggest fish caught, and landed, in that creek. Again, had we been keeping the smaller, legal fish, I would have had my limit.

On the last day, I headed out right at dawn for an hour of fishing before we packed up and left. I had only a couple bites for the most part.. Until my last cast. I was fishing from the little bridge and I felt a few, tentative nibbles. I thought to myself, 'Whoopie.. last cast and I'm gonna catch a 3 inch..". So, I started to reel in line slowly and twitched the rod tip a couple times and... BAM! The biggest strike I've felt in that creek. My poor little ultra light, spooled with 6# test, bent right over.. farther than I've ever seen it bend. I generally have the drag set pretty tight, for snags and such, and whatever I had on the other end was doing a good job of spooling me! I gave it another couple of clicks of drag and started reeling. After what felt like 10 minutes, I had the fish out of the water and was trying to get it up on the bridge so I could give 'em some pliers-ey death. I got a good look at it.. At least a 16 inch 'bow. I was very worried it was going to snap my rod or my line, what with all the trashing it was doing. And snapping the line is exactly what that feisty bastard did. It's the only time I ever wished I had had a net with me. I purchased one the day I got back.

The funny, and best part is that for the whole trip, Roger and Ron complained about how this creek's been overfished and that we never catch our limit anymore. If not for Roger's bellyaching, I would have had my limit 3 out of 4 days. My touch is back. Too bad they seem to have lost theirs.

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