Originally shared with my 88th brothers.

I finally pulled the trigger, both figuratively and literally, on the Kimber. I called around the area and found one store that had it in stock, down in Adrian Michigan. Walked in, picked it out, checked it out, filled out a relatively short form, waited 5 minutes, grabbed a couple 50 round boxes of ammo and a cleaning kit, paid $1240 and left. The process was pretty painless (other than the cost) and not too intrusive. Color me pleasantly surprised and very happy with my first handgun purchase.

Man, this thing is buttery smooth to shoot. Nice trigger pull, very smooth. I was kind of surprised that the recoil isn't near as bad as I thought it would be with a lightweight .45. Also, it's got a nice, manly report.. definitely more muscular sounding than a 9mm. It seems pretty accurate out to ~50 feet or so but, I'm definitely going to need some practice with it.

I didn't mess with the laser too much. Was pretty hard to see the green laser dot on the tin coffee can and the snow at Ron's place. The snow seemed to refract or reflect the beam and I couldn't see it at all. Next time I go out, I'm going to take a few targets and put a few boxes through the weapon, for sighting purposes.

Enough with the jaw waggin'.. you guys wanna see some pics!

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