Recently I started playing WoW again ( Yep, bring it trolls). Because I found that we had a couple of people in TG which played it. I pursued this further and found the Tactical Warcraft website which was all fine and dandy, until you find they are all hardcore raiding guilds. Oh dear. casual players of wow or infact regular TG memebrs liek me seem to not be able to participate. The sites are smattered with progression bars and currently recruiting XYZ signs.

Not only that the guilds that claim to all have splintered off from Tactical Gamers guild split off to start their own teamspeak and ventrilo servers so we rarely see or hear any of them.

Im just asking why? "They" (the emphasis on this is that they are not actually Tactical Gamer anymore) state quite plainly that it is not a guild "shatter". But where exactly do newbies or people with chracters who are NOT lvl 80 with howerver much "gearscore".

It seems that new members of these guilds seem to come from within the game. and on the site it appears they have organised themselves into platoons and squads.

Spare me for stating the obvious but on "regular" tactical gamer this requires. A. Supporting membership. B. to have participated on the forums and on the Tactical Gamer website. and C. Their leader Orion 808 who on the tactical warcraft site to appear as the defacto game officer to HAVE A SUPPORTING MEMEBRSHIP ASWELL???

Seriously Apophis needs to tell these ppl to stop using Tactical gamers name on a site which is baltantly not supporting Tactical Gamer as a whole.

The attatchment is a screenpull showing their clear use of the Tactical gamer name linking them to the tactical gamer community.

In my own opinion there needs to be just one tactical gamer guild which all SUPPORTING members of tactical gamer can join.
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