Escalating security costs, mass demonstrations. What is this?

Toronto's G20 summit turned out to be more than a meeting for the owrlds largest economies to restructure the way finance will be run throughout the world. While Merkel and Sarkozy discussed the euro....

"fortress toronto" prepared for a day of merry hell on both business and infrastructure.

Pretty much sums up my own opinions on the matter. However flip over to you-tubers....

What do you think?

I think this gross misrepresentation, poor planning and execution of the entire operation, purely so 600 or so people can meet is utterly thoughtless. the restraunt owner on Al Jazeera put it best, why in the cities... easier to secure... at over a billion a custom built super fortress conference centre could have been built for christs sake. the scottish houses of parliament cost 400 million ansd that was almost 2 tmes overbudget. The world cup in SA, was 3.5 billion. How on earth can Canada bring itself to this low in it's astoundingly good human rigths record. I agree however that there should be police there. But mass movements and scenes in which the sheer number of police would indicate some armed and violent protest by hundreds not a handful of people.