I don't know why I'm posting this, but I just really love working with AS3.0. I'm currently working on a registration system in flash to work with MySQL. Fields in Flash, back-end data management between AS3 and MySQL. Normal very hard as the only data format that AS3 natively works with is XML; until recently, if I wanted data out of Flash and into MySQL or vise versa, I had to write the PHP that would make the call to SQL and format it to XML format. I would then use AS3 to load up the XML formatted data and read it in that way. However, I recently found a library for AS3 that allows SIMPLE access to MySQL. Any query I want. I just need to work up a way to loop it through my application data fields in Flash and it'll be easy. I have until may/june to work on it. Anyone here have any experience with AS3?