Ya, I know this is a highly controversial topic, but I'm gonna go here anyway.

Recently, there has been a explosion of discussion on using the C4/RDX/BOOM packages to destroy the M-COM boxes in the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta. Some people think it's ok, others don't. Here's my PERSONAL opinion.

This is in NO WAY an official admin decision. This is ONLY my personal opinion.

First off, this is a destructible environment game! Using C4 to blow up a building seems to flow with that. The reality of it is, it would seem to me, that if you put C4 on a building that small, in real life, it would destroy the building. With the way this game is designed, how could this not be an intended mechanic? If those posts are correct and they intend to increase the HP of the boxes that would make it even better.

The point of suicide tactics with C4 has been brought up as well. I think this is simple. If a person knows the boundaries of damage for these devices, they won't have a problem. Sure, new people(and old ones from time to time) are going to mess up and blow themselves up. It's an accident, it happens. Did they try to get away? Did their finger twitch at the wrong moment? If a person makes an effort to get away and either accidentally triggers an explosion or just misjudges the distance he is away, then I see it as a mistake. Not a suicide tactic.