We certainly use our knife in PR, and it feels great, but i only do so if firing my weapon would give away my team's movement, or it is prudent to do so with consideration to the objective.

So I got two knife badges in a BC2 team death match today. The reason for this focus on knifing was not for knifing badge's sake; this guy pissed me off by spamming 40mm, so i tell my buddy zebraactual, "I'm jut gonna knife this (expletive)". Guess what? its hard to hit someone in the chest with a 40mm when they are running at you, jumping in the air, and stabbing you in the face. 4 of the 8 knife kills were on this guy. His name was Chuck. I will now always replace "knife" with Chuck. For example, as a verb, "I'm gonna chuck this guy, hold fire" or "I F'ing chucked that dude in the neck". As a noun, "Get your chuck out" or "Use your chuck". Good times... I've missed arcade shooters.