Humanity is at its most natural, and most successful, when we collaborate. When we form groups, we organize that collaboration. Every facet of life is made up of groups. Being in a group has massive benefits to the individual. There is trust within the group. The group has a shared set of goals. The group supports its members, because the advancement of one is the advancement of all. Even though individuals within may have disagreements, when threatened or questioned, the group comes together to oppose that threat, disregarding individuality. This is how group pressure may passively effect the individual.

In politics, this group system is very evident. The success of the "party" is always above the good of the individual, and if the individual decides otherwise, well, they find themselves without support from the group anymore. Take for instance, John McCain. I don't care what your beliefs are, if you haven't read Faith of my Fathers, do so. He is a man of integrity and honor, at the very least. However, you threaten him with expulsion from the support group that gives him his position and power, as he has been recently in his state's elections, even he is subject to buckling. The man survived a POW camp for years, and he can't stand against group pressure. This is an example of pressure as it exists actively, influencing major individual shifts and decisions.

So then, we are aware of the strengths and downfalls of groups. Being so aware, we should be able to create a system that counterbalances the negative, in any place where power is wielded.