So then, procrastination. I really don't know what all the fuss is about it. I am usually at my most productive when I have other, more important things, to be doing. My best rounds of PR were played while procrastinating. When I revived my whole squad with an enemy medic kit, previous owner still dripping from my KABAR, my roomate was choking on a ping pong ball just here on the floor to my left. His cries for help only forced me deeper into a state of zen-like proness. When I went 14-0 lonewolfing on some muttrah server without using one patch yesterday, I might have been preparing to meet a ladyfriend. She damn well did add that extra half hour to the bill, sitting on the couch waiting for me to finally go black and white. And ohh this evening. I have a ten hour work day ahead of me; lots of meetings, organizing and problem solving. Things much better done with the prescribed amount of sleep. Instead, I have created what appear to be gorgeous new avatars and signatures.

The best things can only happen at five in the morning.

PS, I found a new blog. It's prolific.