So It's 2AM, I'm drunk, tired and decide to spool up some PR. Join the Blackwater server. Mess'n around with a ]CIA[ squad. They decide, because the team is horrible and both caches are in the city, that we should all get pilot kits and go for some lulz. 500m high and a "GO GO GO" command later, we're out the door. Two died in the drop, apparent chute malfunctions, two got killed the second they hit the ground in the city. I somehow was able to hide in a house for a few minutes undetected. Without any friendlies in the area and not even a sidearm, I realize the inevitable and so finally get the balls up to go look for a weapon. As I cross the road immediately outside the house I'd been hiding in, I'm spotted. "O SH--" mode. Dashing Into a walled courtyard across the street, it's hopeless, no where to run. I turn a corner in the yard, and there's a resupply crate. Never thought I'd be happy to see the 'ol maple leaf. I cross to the opposite side of the crate, so i can watch the sector he's gonna be coming on my ass from. As I pull out the rifle and start to lock it, the insurgent comes around the corner, scoped up, looking strait at me. I hit the dirt as bullets fly over my head. No time to prime my weapon, let alone return effective fire. He's 5m away and i know hes closing. So, I pull out my KABAR, jump up on the left side of the crate and do my lunging thrust towards the enemy. He was approaching the crate from the opposite side, and the guy was scoped in, so didn't even see me coming in his peripherals. The thrust lands right in his side. He's dead.

PR still gives me a rush, after years and over a thousand hours. This is what keeps me playing... and, of course, giving the 69th sh-- for being browne bruisers. shout out to my Canadian brothers.