Well look what we have here, a fresh new batch of ribbons out of the oven. Remember, ribbons thrives off YOUR nomination. Yes, YOURS! Without YOU, Ribbons can award ribbons. And that makes Ribbons sad, really sad. So head over to the Ribbons Forum and send in a nomination!

Without further ado, here are the newly ribboned TG people!

Distinguished Conduct:
Ferris Beuller (Class II)
FBMantis (Class II)

Combat Action:
Zhohar (class I)

Valorous Unit:
Scarecrow (ArmA2)
Stauff (ArmA2)
JohnFlenay (ArmA2)
Ghedeter (ArmA2)
Johnson6048 (ArmA2)
Gjames (ArmA2)

Distinguished Air Cavalry:
Henry Rollins (Class I) (ArmA2)

Distinguished Squad Leader:
Impulse 9 (Class I) (ArmA2)
Glory and Pain (Class I) (ArmA2)

Distinguished Anti-Tank:
orm3ga (Class I) (ArmA2)
Tuner89 (Class I) (ArmA2)

Distinguished Support:
Marvin (Class I) (ArmA2)

Feel free to share this in any of the forums and congratulate everyone!