Little bit about my playstyle

When I am leading a squad I try not to get too frustrated by players who do things maverick style. My style of leading is to give an order to do an task and leave the DO part for squad member to decide. It doesnt matter how you get from point A to B if you just get there and preferably as fast as possible, but I also try to give some advice if I have something valid in my mind, or if I want squad to work as a close unit. The problem with this style of leading is that players who havent played with me or maybe are even playing this Project Reality game first time might feel a little lost when given for an example an order to get to the next flag to capture it. And then comes those who decide that they have better opinion about what we should be doing. Theres two kinds of players who do this: One doesnt tell me that hes doing something else than I ordered, the second one tells me that my plan sucks and gives an opinion what we should be doing. The First type of player is the bad one because now we might not have anyone doing some important task without knowing and enemy wins the game. A good squad member is not a child that has to be held from hand all the time, but also when I say that lets attack synchronized I also mean it.


I have witnessed too many times team to lose because they happen to have all the lone wolves and lone squads playing on their side scattered all over the place doing their very importand things which dont promote team to win by anyhow. Some of those players are like a dog who sees a squirle and rush after them even if they were doing something else second a go and start shooting enemy from too far not hitting them and even worse give a way squad position and get everyone killed because kill/death count is too deep in their minds. To win a game there should be atleast two fireteams: one defending the previous flag and second one to capture new flags. Defending fireteam or squad if there is enough players can be and should be smaller than the attacking squad. It is easier to defend than attack.

Squad tactics

If a squad moves as a one not too tight group it can use some tactics to improve their survival in firefights. Not getting too detailed to this I say few tips that might need a familiar squad to work. Squad should move distances as a file that has atleast five meters between players so the whole squad doesnt get shot by one machine gun. Use observers to go first and leave some distance between them and rest of the squad. When enemy opens fire to observers the rest of the squad has some time to react to this new situation. Flanking is usually the next step. At this point squad leader has to give an order either to fall back or direct flank order. The fall back should not be implemented running like crazy. There should allways be guns pointing at enemy and that is where fireteams could be used. Alpha fall back! alpha cover! bravo fall back! bravo cover! etc should be shouted by squad leader to make things atleast somewhat organised.

This is all the nonsense for this time. Feel free to give your own opinion about life and death around Arma Project Reality.