Bought new keyboard that has extra keys on left side and mapped radio channels in ARMA-2 (and PR mod) to own push buttons. Now it is possible to keep group channel on all the time and if need to use for example "Command Channel" I just have to push S4 and start speaking. No more channel surfing during bullet dance. Did not map "Global channel" on those keys though so no accidental Global Channel spamming.

It is also possible to write macros to those "S" keys, and there is also macro record function on software that was included. It is possible to write macros also during game because there is macro record button.

This keyboard model is Microsoft Sidewinder X4.
Cons so far:
-Extra keys make me put my fingers one key to the left sometimes and makes me write typos.
-Shiny, collects fingerprints.
-Macro making on software is not so good. Had to map numpad buttons to those macro keys to make them work properly.

Other than that feels ok to write and has those extra keys that Arma and some other games need.