Los Angeles has finally blessed us with some truly summer weather. Weather fit for "The Hills" or "Laguna Beach" or "The OC" or "Entourage" or any number of shows that take place in the land I have the fortune of calling home. At least for the next five weeks. But for now, I am just enjoying the conditions. This climate was designed so you could go the beach in the afternoon and flirt with some girls that look like they belong in a Katy Perry music video. And at night it's warm enough to have a backyard rager, where you can spend your night celebrating life and convincing the aforementioned girls to take another shot. I love this heat.

But my computer does not. I've been complaining exorbitantly to xsoldier and GiJoe about how my card was overheating and causing issues. I cleaned my fans and improved the case ventilation, and xsoldier recommened that I turn up my GFX card fan, which I did. And it all worked! For about a week. Today, after starting a round of Karbala on TG, my screen froze up, covered in artifacts. I turned off my computer, and when I tried to turn it back on, there was nothing. I took out the card and cleaned it thoroughly, hoping that I could maybe save it. But even that didn't do anything. My computer died today at approximately 5:58PM PST.

Well, technically it isn't dead. I could easily buy a new GFX card, but I have made the decision not to, and here is why:

On August 21st, I begin writing a new chapter in my life. On that day, I leave Los Angeles and move to Washington, DC, where I will be moving into my dorm and starting my semester as a freshman at The George Washington University. I will be bringing a few things with me. My laptop, clothes, books, and of course, copious amounts of alcohol. But I will be leaving my love of internet gaming behind.

It just does not make sense in my mind to buy a new GFX card when I will be leaving in 5 weeks. Gaming just doesn't have the place in my heart anymore. Even PR, which I used to LOVE playing after a long day of school or work or whatever, doesn't light up the nerve endings like it use to. Lately, a round of PR feels like a chore. I also haven't bought a good NEW game in a long time, and I'm getting bored of the old ones. I used to build my schedule partly around gaming. I kept afternoons clear to ensure I could make a TG scrim. But now, the occasional game I play (or used to play) is simply to fill up a gap in time between things. It's just fluff.

This blog is not to announce my end of gaming. I am quite confident I will play again. I am buying a new laptop soon and it may be powerful enough to play PR, as well as several other games that I own, and perhaps I will take advantage of that once in a blue moon.

If that does not pan out, I wouid like to take this time to give a few "thank yous". Firstly, thank you to the TG community as a whole. You are wonderful. Thank you to the Tactical Gamer Project Reality server. You made PR my top played game of ALL TIME. Thank you to the admins for keeping the server running. Thank you to the developers for making such a fantastic game. And last but certainly not least, thank you to chrisweb, GiJoe, xsoldier, Lokka, ACOGrecon, MixOlydian, Paine, BoogyLOH, BRIZ, Andy, Portable.Cougar, Spitfire, Sonic, and anyone who I've had the pleasure of playing a round or two of PR with. You guys made TG into much more than a server or community for me. Keep your Xfires running and your PR updated. Maybe we can relive the past should I decide I want to play PR again.