It's been just over 9 weeks since I left Los Angeles and came to Washington, D.C. 9 weeks since I traded my ocean-view home for a dorm room four blocks from the White House. 9 weeks since I switched from the relaxed attitude of the California coast to the politically charged atmosphere of our nation's capitol. And an interesting 9 weeks they've been.

The first 2 weeks were insane. My dorm, Thurston Hall, houses approximately 1100 freshman. Each floor has a bit over 100 students, so it was extremely easy to meet tons of people. That was made even easier by the fact that of the 35 rooms on my floor, 27 of them are female.

I have two roomates, both from New Jersey. I hang out with one a lot. We party together, and he is now a brother in the same fraternity as me. The other one is weird. Just a weird kid. Weird looking, weird talking, weird acting kid. If I were to tell you all the things he does that annoy me, I would have to make a new blog post. Our dorm room is, as expected, small. But we did a lot of moving around and it feels pretty big at times. We have a big TV and a big fridge, so we're pretty much set for life.

Either way, as I was saying, the first 2 weeks were dominated by partying. Everyone was trying to meet as many people as possible, which meant there was tons of dorm room parties to be had. In hindsight, I spent way too much money on alcohol those two weeks. After about two weeks, most people, including myself, discovered that college IS in fact a place to become educated, and not just a giant party, and the partying got a level that is both more manageable and less expensive.

Being an urban school in the north, most people wouldn't think of GWU as a greeklife oriented campus, but greeklife is pretty big here. 25% of students participate in greeklife. A few weeks ago, I joined that percentage as a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. It was definitely a good decision. It's a pretty big chapter, and one of the top chapters in the nation. The brother's are great and I love the house. And of course I love the parties we have with other sororities. The fraternity is fairly large in size, with about 110 members, and is one of the top fraternities on campus.

I'm still getting fully adjusted to college. It's tough being away from Los Angeles. I miss the weather and the mexican food, and of course I miss my old friends from high school. 2 of my best friends go to Georgetown and I visited them a few weeks ago. Another friend is visiting from Vanderbilt, and us 4 are going to a concert on Gtown's campus tomorrow. AND it's Halloween weekend, and I've already given my liver a peptalk in order to prepare it for the festivities.

Other than those few annoyances, GWU is fantastic. I love my engineering classes. They're making me excited to get a degree and start a life as a professional something. Until then, I'm just gonna live life, cause life's good right now.

And thank GOD that NBA has started. Lakers!