Well, the news is out and it seems alot of TG'rs are looking to get onboard with this new Mod called DAYZ. It is a mod made for the Arma2 plus Operation Arrowhead- Combined Arms.

To get started here is a Sixupdater Guide to assist you.

To begin first download Sixupdater.


After downloading Sixupdater go to link below and follow steps 14 thru 17 of that guide then follow steps for Dayz setup


Now click Home tab and put a check mark in the little Beta box. Click Game Profile tab and put a check mark in that Beta box.

Here is your Sixupdater set up for DAYZ MOD.

1.Open Sixupdater

2.Go to Su portal and run ping test

3. Go to Mods list and scroll down to @Dayz. Click and than right click- do updater action- Install or update--

4. Go to Dynamic/Preset panel to left and right click anywhere in panel. Click on New Preset. Rename Preset to Dayz Mod.

5.Now click on the @Dayz Mod preset and go to mods list and add @Dayz to that preset. You should now have @Dayz and expansion/beta in that preset.

6. Now click on Dayz Mod preset- right click choose Create icon than follow thru with Create shortcut-Execute-shutdown all the way.

7. Click on New desktop icon-right click and then rename to Dayz Mod.

8. Now go to top of Sixupdater and click the Blue Save tab above the Game Folder tab. After this you can shut Sixupdater down and double click the DAYZ icon.

9. After Su starts it will execute your CO and bring you to the start up Screen. Click multplayer go to Filter box then put DAYZ in top box and click ok. You will now see more than 40 servers available to choose.

Sickboy has been pretty good at keeping up with the updates. When you open six and the Dayz Mod preset tile is Yellow, just do the updater action- Install or Update.

Go to the Armed Assault area of the forums and seek threads for the Dayz mod and read for more info about the Mod and groups that are currently playing. Also there is a TS channel with a PW located in the Armed Assault area of Teamspeak.



Good luck and good gaming