Some recent Intel from the Armed Assault forum area has indicated a need to prepare for something of a large scale.

Now the guide below is for those that are already using Sixupdater for Arm2-Combined Arms. Go to this link for a full setup of Sixudater and the Alpha and Bravo servers at

Tactical Gamers if you need to start from the beginning for a complete setup.

Re: Premonition or the past?

I am posting some helps for your Downloading of @I44 thru Sixupdater.

1 Open Sixudater, then click the Mods tab, then scroll down to @I44. Before downloading run the ping test first.

2. Click on @I44, right click and choose updater action Install or update.

3. If you already have it installed from another source it will appear with a brown tile in the preset area. Simply right click on @I44 and do updater action- convert manually intalled mod- if it then shows with a yellow tile,( this means your version needs to be updated) now you can do updater action Install or update.

4. After you have finished this it will show as green and you are ready to go for the next step that is just below.

P.S. @I44 is a 2.6gig unzipped download, thru Six updater it will take approximately 30 minutes or more.

Ok, now that you have downloaded @I44 now you can create a Preset just for that mod.

1. In the Dynamic/Preset panel to the left-right click anywhere in panel- click on New Preset-Rename that preset to Invasion 1944. After renaming it click once on it.

2. Go to mods list and click on @I44 and add to Invasion 1944 preset.

3. Click and then right click on preset Invasion 1944- go to Create Icon-choose Create-Execute-Shutdown all the way thru.

4 Click and then right click to rename Desktop Icon to Invasion 1944 and you are ready to go.

5. On opening screen click the Multiplayer- click filter at bottom- put in invasion 1944- and wait for further instructions.

You are now set and ready for the upcoming event. You can launch it thru Lan and get yourself familiar with movements, weapons, and maps provided with Single player units or the MP missions provided.