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I hate having to fiddle with clocks twice a year. Time should be a standard, not something Congress fiddles with the way they want to change Pi to be 3.0.

Here's a blog from EE Times that agrees with me:


Towards the end of the blog comments some take this one step further and suggest universal adoption of a single time zone, such as GMT or UTC. Unix (and later Linux) has long used GMT internally and only displays local time based on a setting for each user. This means that Unix machines all around the world can share files without any ambiguity about their timestamps. This isn't true of Windows servers, which always run in local timezones.

The problem is made worse by recent attempts to fiddle with when DST changes. Twice a year we get a Windows Update (and also a Linux patch) that changes the DST database to deal with all the governments all over the world changing when DST happens in their country. Watches and clocks that automatically handle DST break because of that, because they don't get the update.

(Also near the end of the blog comments people finally note the irritating spelling error I caught in the article regarding an insect.)

More on DST:



And just to show how long this has been a pet peeve of mine: