Time for a revival!


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Thanks to those who did take part in the Beta and thanks for the feedback. We haven't had any major crash issues reported or server instability so we are going to go with releasing the Beta version as Final. Those who installed the Beta won't need to download or update anything to play v1.51.

However the server providers will be getting the server files during this week and setting their machines up with the new version.

The official release will be announced on the Blog when the RSP's have set up their servers. Current release schedule will be for end of this week/early next week depending on how soon the server providers can get updated.
Great news, now there might be a good few players returning to 2142 and a few free maps never hurts.

For anyone who hasn't played Battlefield 2142, it's a fast-paced first-person shooter, based on both infantry and vehicular combat, set on maps ranging from quite big to massive. It had a massive following for a long while here at TG, but after a problem with server lag near the time of the release of BF:BC2, many people switched over to that title and others which have been released since, such as MoH and CoD:BOps. However quite a few people (including myself) still view this as a far superior title, especially on PC with many of the features, control systems and UIs have been purposely built around the PC platform, unlike many shooter titles which have been released since. Many former BF2142 players said they'd return if this patch was released, and while the game has retained quite a few players and manages to get the server populated on many nights (especially Fridays) it would be great to get some of these players back.

Details on what the new patch offers can be found here.

This includes new maps, plus NS is now playable for everyone, meaning there is now plenty of new stuff for old-timers to get their teeth into, which should keep the game fresh.

This is a really exciting development for the TG2142 community, and we hope you'll be joining the server for some games some time soon :).