I put on my headphones and what do I hear?
Nothing at all, out of one ear.

I had this Logitech headset: Premium USB Headset 350. They were about $35 from Walmart. And back to Walmart they went. I considered my options of other brands, but ended up giving the 350's new replacement a try. The tag at Walmart still said "350" for the new model which is unnumbered: ClearChat Comfort USB.

Silly observation: on both boxes the woman is wearing her headset opposite to the way it was designed. The latter had to be a reverse pic since that mic won't even flip down for use on the other side.

I'm not impressed - but looking on the bright side, they do feel a bit more comfy. And my biggest hatred for the old set is gone! There was this CLONKING every few times I moved a little the wrong way, which was just a little annoying for gaming but a huge annoyance trying to record Librivox files. Good riddance to that.

Unfortunately, gone also is my favorite thing about the old headset - crisp recording with almost no hum. This thing has bad grounding issues and produces an unbearable hum when I'm not firmly gripping the side of my laptop. If I make good contact with the computer while recording the hum is softened so that noise-cleaning can make it decent. This pic shows hum with some looping(? not sure if that's the right term...) and then full-force hum. If it weren't for this big flaw I would be glad my old set died.

While my old set was broke and before I got the new one I started using my stand-alone Samson mic (and just earbuds) for gaming. Its quality is definitely better than the headsets. If it weren't kind of big and in the way.... oh well. I could complain about everything. xD