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VoIP - Like in BC2, is being promised in the release version. There have been numerous reports and postings in the BETA threads at EA regarding this and the PC community has made its voice heard on the matter. However as it stands now, there is none in the BETA. The PS3 version of the BETA has it built into the game engine, so one would assume that it can be done for the PC verion as well. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that Dice will learn from BC2 and have VoIP working for us at release.
You're all really starting to sound like beaten wives. No matter how hard game developers have **** on you in the past few years, TG'ers still flock to new titles based on what the developer says they're going to do/do different this time.

"Come on baby, I know I did some bad stuff in the past, but I really love you! This time will be different, I promise!"

Some titles in the past few years that have been hyped up by TG, but ultimately are nasty wife-beaters:

Frontlines: Fuels of War - No VOIP on PC version. VOIP on console! Just buy the console version, guys!
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Hey, VOIP, where you been? What?! Not in the game?!
Operation Flash Point: Dragon Rising - Let's pull dedicated servers out from under you in the 2 weeks prior to release.
Modern Warfare 2 - Surprise! No dedicated servers! No anti-cheat! Have fun on the 360! Don't own one... huh... sorry.
Bad Company 2 - Surprise! In this direct-console port, PC gamers get, *gasp* NO VOIP. Several patches later they are "still working on it"

And I won't even humor the amount of MMO's that have had TG "guilds" that shriveled up in 2 weeks- 2 months.

Stop giving money to developers who are killing PC gaming

VOIP is not optional in Battlefield titles/clones.
Dedicated servers are not optional.

I know you guys think that everytime your husband (developer) comes home (makes a new title) he's not going to hit you (break promises). I know you think that tonight when he drinks (makes money off a title) he's not gonna turn around and slam your face with his fist (stop patching the game).

But the fact is, TG, you're enabling him (the developers). You won't leave (stop buying into their crap) because you think you "love" him.

The man (developer) you married (used to love their games) is now a drunken lunatic wife-beater. And you keep going back to him (buying their ****).

So the obvious question is "Where do you get off, Skud?"

Well to be brutally honest, I've only bought 5 games at full price/at launch for PC in the past 3 years.

1. The Orange Box. Bought on release day. Still play TF2. Valve still patches every single game. TF2 is still receiving free content almost monthly.
2. Left 4 Dead.
3. Modern Warfare 2. Shame on me. I even turned around and bought it for my 360. I enjoy it there. I learned my lesson.
4. Left 4 Dead 2.
3. Mount & Blade: Warband. Almost an indie title. They deserved my 30 dollars, yes they did.

Every single PC game that I own other than those 5 has been bought either:

a. Years after launch
b. On serious discount through STEAM, usually years after launch.

TG, I'm not telling you to stop playing new titles. I get why you like them, I do. But stop being the enabler in these abusive relationships with developers. I mean, isn't it bad enough with BC2 that you're sitting without voip, for months after launch, begging for it? And now you expect MOH to fix that? Are you crazy?

They got your money. They don't need anything else. BC2 is crazy popular even without voip, why would they change? They've made a boatload of money. Scratch that - a whole butt-ton. And with the success of 5 whole damn maps, they're justifying a freakin' expansion, which will only service to split the community. And you'll probably still be without voip.

Who knows. Maybe BC2/MOH can change.

Just don't hold your breath. But please, for the love of god, hold on to your wallets come release day.