So yesterday was my 4 year anniversary of registering on the forums. I had been playing for a few months before that. I joined the forums on the recommendation of Dirtboy. One of my first posts was This AAR for Project Reality.

Coincidentally, on almost the same day, The 6th Devils Brigade went operational. Tomorrow, Friday the 29th, we celebrate 4 years together as an IHS. Soon, I'll be hitting my 4 year mark with the devils. It's almost scary to think that when I came to TG and the Devils I was still in high school. Since joining I've written countless AAR's, participated in countless scrims, lead thousands of squads to victory and certain failure (2000+ hours of BF2), have seen many titles come and go, have played in and lead competition teams, have made hundreds of images in photoshop for TG and Devil use, have posted hundreds of threads, thousands of posts, dozens of ribbon nominations, and most of all I've made more friends than I can count.

TG is something really close to my heart.

So this is a thank you to my wonderful IHS and the TG community as a whole. Thanks to the site founders for organizing and helping fund what we know as TG. Thanks to the site admins who spend way too much time fixing all of our issues on a volunteer basis. Thanks to all the game admins who have helped keep our servers running smooth. Thanks to all of the IHS' for the friendly competition and camaraderie. Thanks to all the supporting members who have selflessly donated year after year, month after month, so we could keep playing games together.