I was a participant in the Beta that ran last month. Well, it's now official. Steam Trading now lets you trade in game items with other people (Like TF2 hats) right from steam. It also lets people trade copies of games they've purchased as gifts. People can also trade in game items for games, crazy as it sounds.

You can read more about it over at Rock Paper Shotgun.

I have some crazy fears about in-game economies though. Does anyone remember Diablo 2's ingame economy after Lord of Destruction? There was in game gold, yes, and most people had boat loads of it - the problem was that people weren't using in game gold anymore. The standard currency in Diablo 2 became a not-so-rare ring called the Stone of Jordan. SoJ's as they were called, became a ridiculous trading currency. Fast forward a few years and in TF2 the community now has published "prices" for in game items - this hat costs x metal etc etc.

But what about STEAM games?

What if our currency for steam trades becomes something terrible... like... Farming Simulator 2011? Or some of it's crappy DLC. Sure, you laugh now, but just you wait - YOU'LL ALL SEE!