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The switch has been flipped and all appears well during initial testing.

We now turn to the battlefield community and ask for your help and your patience as we bring this out live for full testing.

For those in the dark, KnyghtMare has been coding away on a solution to our impending problem for Battlefield 3. That game, like Bad Company 2, will not have working in game voip and this forces us to fall back on a third party program like Teamspeak. With 32 players per team in BF3 we needed a solution that prioritized squad voip while being easy to use for both players new to TG and long standing veterans.

With feature requests from the admins/community and testing over the next few weeks we hope to achieve that.

Currently our working design, as detailed by WhiskeySix in another thread, goes like this:

- Players join TS and move themselves into a TBD ‘BF3 waiting-room’ channel to opt-in to the service. Then the magic happens:
- The service checks which squad you’re in in-game, and automatically moves you to the proper channel. Your PTT-button becomes your squad-VOIP.
- There is also a team wide radio-net. Every player will be able to listen on the team-net simply by joining TS; but to talk on it, you’ll need to install a tiny TS-plugin.

Over time we hope to expand the design to do various things like: (wishlist - no promises!)

- Keep all players on one team in the same channel until a certain number of TS participants for that team is reached. e.g. once 7 team members are on TS - squad voip kicks in
- Dynamic creation and deletion of squad channels to reduce channel clutter when unused
- Create a SL - SL radio-net
- Contact an admin radio-net or page system
- add a unique audible in front of team or SL - SL transmissions to distinguish them from squad chat
- various tweaks to make it easier for first time visitors to get involved


So how does this work? What do I have to do?

For Squad VOIP - nothing. As long as you join the designated deployment channel(currently any channel under "Server 1 Squad Test") you will be auto moved by TS to the correct squad channel while on the server. The below image highlights where you need to join under current testing.

For access to the team wide radio-net? Not quite that easy but it is a short one time setup we will walk you through.

First, you'll need to download the plugin. You can get it here:

64 Bit Build
32 Bit Build

Once you have the plugin you should extract it to the plugins directory for TeamSpeak 3. For most users it will be: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins

Once you've copied it to the plugins directory you can start up TeamSpeak.
Go to: Settings -> Plugins
You should see "SquadTalk" in the plugins list. If you do not then try hitting the "Reload All" button.
When you do see "SquadTalk" check the box next to it to turn on the plugin.

Next, you need to make a hotkey for team-wide VOIP.
Go to: Settings -> Options -> Hotkeys

Under the "Profile Details" window you need to click the "Add" button.

Now you will see a Hotkey Setup Dialog.
First, make sure "On key down" is selected.
Second, click the "No Hotkey Assigned" button.
Third, press the key you want for your hotkey.
Forth, click the "Show Advanced Actions" button.
Finally, find Plugins -> Run Plugin Command and choose it, double click on the "<Command>" text and enter "/squadtalk team start"

Go through the hotkey setup again, this time choosing "On key release" and assigning the same hotkey as the previous dialog.
Set the plugin command to "/squadtalk team stop"

There, was that so hard? You should be good to go now. When you join any of the channels that are highlighted:

You should be able to hit your chosen hotkey and talk to people in the team channel and the squad channels of the same team :) Same push to talk button works for either team!

This is LIVE for testing right now! Please stress test it during typical gameplay hours so we make sure everything holds up and discover any bugs.

Also we understand BC2 players are used to prioritizing team chatter and testing of this plugin will make that more difficult. We are working toward a better future here so please stick with it and get that plugin setup so you can still provide team chat!