We all knew it was coming.

It's very bittersweet - almost like seeing your highschool sweetheart moved on and with someone else. Which is totally appropriate figuring I found Project Reality and TG when I was merely 16. That was 2006. It's been almost 6 years since I first found Project Reality - and TG through it. All good things, such as Project Reality BF2, must come to an end. Development is simply not the way it used to be - and that's no surprise to me. The game is running on the decrepit BF2 engine - it's been pushed to extremes the original developers never dreamed possible. 4K maps. View distances stretched beyond "possible." Constructable and destructable objects. Rally points. Everything. But when the developers have pushed BF2 in every direction as far as it can go, where is there really left to go?

The BF2 engine served us well. I wish the developers luck with 1.0... the loose goal that has been all these years in the making.

Let's not forget how "involved" I was with PR, either!

And the trailer that put PR on the map for so many: