I was still one of those using the archaic and old in game messenger Xfire. Until today. I've uninstalled it, and to be honest it makes me a little sad. Before Steam overlays, before games could reliably alt tab, before in game voip was common, etc etc... There was Xfire. I've been using it since I built my first gaming computer of my own way back in 2006. Well, unfortunately over the years it just became irrelevant - nobody uses it anymore, at least not like they used to.

Admittedly, I haven't really chatted with anyone using xfire in years. I used to use it's in game overlay daily for years, but that too became irrelevant, and in recent years I've had it disabled because it often created conflicts with games and other programs. Today I had to exit Xfire twice to run certain games, and it dawned on me that while I like it tracking my gameplay hours, it's just not worth the hassle of troubleshooting anymore. After multiple buyouts of the company and after each and every one of it's features has been ported to better platforms, or done better by a competitor, I just realized that it's just a piece of crap software compared to how it used to be.

Hell, I used to stream using xfire. And now what? Does anyone use that? I used to store lots of screenshots using xfire... and now I use Fraps or Steam.

At the end of the day, Xfire was a holdover from years previous. So long.