I thought it would be cool to make some kind of tactical gamer related case art on a semi-recent pc build of mine, I opted for the dogtags.
The easy part was cutting the design out of hardboard at work using a laser cutter (big time saver!). I was able to fit all the pieces on scrap wood and used two thicknesses to allow the white inner part to be recessed.
Each tag is 3.5"x5.5" and about 3/8" thick.

I started by sanding the edges to give it a slighty worn look. Ended up taking the tag bodies to my bench top grinder and roughed them up a bit further.

Using whatever I had around the house for color; I sprayed a flat black grill paint for the outside, a plastic primer for the white and a gray brick paint for the chain and the inner bars.
After the primary colors had dried I went back with a small brush and highlighted with a metallic sliver to further the worn look.

The chain parts were small so I stuck them to a piece of tape so they wouldn't move around on me while I was painting them.

I had the laser etch a small guide line into the back piece of the chain so it was a easy job aligning them.

To make it look like the chain was floating I added several standoffs on the back to give it the proper height.

Here it is on my case, I used a two sided tape so getting it back off shouldn't be that big of deal later on.

Overall I'm happy with the results, it was a good way to spend some time painting and catching up on my Walking Dead backlog.