I've been using the same birch veneer desk from ikea for over a decade now and unless I start practicing WWF moves on it, this Swedish pressboard will last long into the foreseeable future. But BF4 demands something more than birch...right?

When I had grown tired of the birchyness I originally thought I would paint it in a darker color and be done with it... Until I came across this neat computer desk on kickstarter. Which BTW went on to raise almost 200k! It had whats described as a " textured carbon fiber vinyl" surface...interesting.

A search of ebay turned up '3d carbon fiber wrap', used for putting on cars. $35 later I had a 5ftx6ft sheet of the stuff. Added to that $5 in
hole covers and a $26 led lighting kit from amazon and I was in business!

Side Note: Also around this time I broke down and purchased a HD7950 Video Card (pictured), finally allowing me to run my 3 monitor setup after years of only managing the two...

Before clearing off my desk I made notes in sharpie of the location and orientation of the monitor stand along with desired placement of the cable management holes.

With the holes cut out, a good clean is in order. Anything like dried superglue needs to be scraped off with a razor or it will leave bumps later...ask me how I know.
Also be sure to get all that Cheetos dust off or the the vinyl will not stick properly.;)

The vinyl is unrolled and cut roughly to size. Leaving plenty of extra to wrap under.

Time to peel one side and get it aligned; I used painters tape on the opposite side to keep things from moving around too much initially. The adhesive allows you to pull it back off and reposition. It's pretty forgiving.

The first edge is applied. It gets easier from there...

Once it's anchored It was fairly easy to press it down and smooth the air bubbles out, pulling the backing paper off as I went to avoid the vinyl sticking to itself. You can use something like a credit card or you can find tools to help apply vinyl for under $5 online.
No need to press super hard or you may leave some unnecessary streaking.

The surface of the desk is good to go. Next up is folding it over the remaining edges...then onto lighting and some much needed cable management.

To be continued...