With the carbon fiber vinyl completed I move onto the LED lighting installation and some simple cable management for my gaming desk.

Final Vinyl Notes:
-If you're lazy like me you will remove one leg at a time to fold the vinyl cleanly under the corners... If you are an active person that likes flipping desks over for fun, you might consider removing the legs all at once.
-Don't forget to use a heatgun to get the material safely around corners and curves. Trying to without heat could result in tearing. If I had more than ten photos per blog post I would show you the blooper reel...
-There's plenty of video about installation on you tube to check out.

Using the aforementioned 16.5ft LED kit, I started by stringing it onto the back of the monitor stand; using wire so I could easily move it around later. In fact I eventfully faced it downwards towards the desk..

The string is easy to work with and you can cut it to size with scissors. Just be sure to cut on the marked lines.

I decided to place the infrared sensor behind the right monitor; it points to the desk and picks up the remote easily enough.

I had some left over stuff from another led project to connect the leds on the stand to the section on the desk:
Also used was a soldering gun, some shrink tubing and a bit of electrical tape.

Extension Cable Line x1

HitLights Connector x2

You of course could run an unbroken string but I visually wanted a division of the two and didn't want to light the cables on the back of the stand in that way.

Do not plan on the weak adhesive backing to hold the weight of the string, you will need to add additional support to keep them in place.

To securely mount the leds onto the edge of my desk I used what I had on hand; thumb tacks and cut in half 1/2" cable clamps. Being a white translucent plastic they don't block much light and
are thin enough to fit between leds.

With the lighting installed, time for the monitors to go back in place. All the cords fit cleanly through the new hole behind the monitor stand. Making for a much cleaner desk.

In goes the new HD7950 for the 3 monitor setup. I'm thinking TS, game, battlescreen as far as bf4 is concerned...

And finally some shots of the finished project. I'm partial to red but of course I have other colors to choose from if I want.