She could call to mind Long Ghost, who lived upon Mr. Bell's plantation, but all recollection of the other had escaped her. Poor Mrs. Bell's fate was tragical: the family having removed to the Navigator's Islands, she was drowned in one of the streams of Updlu. Long Ghost led a free-and-easy life for some time, and afterwards took his departure. The carpenter was disposed to
be vexed at the position he had been made to assume ; but I soon uggs convinced him that, although Mr. Melville had handled his subject familiarly, he had said nothing to his disparagement, and he finally concluded it was' a good joke after all.' "There is an "Appendix" to the volume, to which readers who love substantial mental food may be referred for abundance of " useful information." Mr. Perkins, like ugg> a wise general, keeps his heavier baggage in the rear. For cocoa-nut and bread-fruit banquets, groves of banana-trees, olive damsels swimming in the surf, green cane-fields, a peculiar way of cooking roast pig (which Lamb himself would have approved), canoe-houses, calabashes, the " red and juicy ohla," snowy peaks, sunny valleys, and the like, the reader must consult the book : for all kinds of statistics, the Appendix. " Theincidents narrated are comprised," says the author, "by the years '48 and '53." Accordingly, the information has the merit of being fresh,— and the book will have much interest among scientific, political and philanthropical people. One important statement, interesting to all, stands out from the pages, with painful significance—" the rapid numerical decrease" of the people whom we are describing, civilizing, and converting with such energy !—" Nearly onehalf have died off in twenty years," is the report given in the Appendix of Hawaii. The author scarcely seems to doubt that the native Polynesians are fading out—hopelessly,—like the echoes of—the songs of Toobanai, When summer's sun went down the coral bay. The immortal epigram which Tacitus put into the mouth of Galgacus would apply, it seems, to European powers equally well from a Galgacus of Polynesia.A Roll of ugg boots the Household Expenses of Richard de Swwfield, Bishop of Hereford, during part of the Years 1289 and 1290. Edited by ugg boots sale the Rev. John Webb. Printed for the Camden Society.Documents relating to the Priory cf Pentvorlham, and other Possessions tn Lancashire, of the Abbey of Evesham. Edited by W. A. Hulton, Esq. Printed for theChetham Society.We have classed these volumes together, not only because both have reference to local ecclesiastical history, but for the curious and minute details which they supply of domestic life during the Middle Ages,— details which, as Mr. Webb remarks, " disclose more graphically than any studied narrative the character of an individual and the manners of his times."The Household Roll of Bishop Swinfield consists of ten small skins of parchment, about twenty-five feet long. .