When I first joined TG, the quotes below were recommended reading in the Call of Duty division. The post from Nemesis dates back to BF2 I believe. The tl;dr is as long as you are wearing the TG tag you are representing this community and so are held to a higher standard than otherwise. Even if you don't wear the tag, you are still bound to follow the rules and guidelines of this community if you play on our servers or participate on the forums or teamspeak. I think that these two posts give the most insight into what the tags we all wear mean, and I strongly encourage all TG members to have read the following.

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You may see players on the servers using the |TG| tag in their name when they play on the server. Players who become regulars quickly ask: may I use the |TG| tag in my name?

Anyone who endorses and practices our playstyle and rulesets may wear the |TG| tag when playing on our or other servers! Bottom line: if you support TacticalGamer for what it is and want to show that support, the |TG| tag is a great way to do it. Many players who love it here choose not to sport the tag in their playername, and that's fine, too, if that's what you prefer. The option is there for you to take or leave.

We love it when people support this community with Supporting Memberships, but it's not required to wear the |TG| tag.

By putting on the |TG| tag, you are representing TG and our style of play - it means that you have read and understood all of the Server Rules and SOP's as well as the other REQUIRED Reading. On the game servers, players who may not be aware of our rules or code of conduct are given warnings before being kicked or banned. TG-tagged players are held to a higher standard, and will not be shown the same patience if they violate the server rules or code of conduct.

This was written mainly for wearing the |TG| tag in game, but I honestly believe this applies to TG members (supporting members in particular) and in this forum.

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Before I start I want to say that this may get a little long. And everything I'm stating is my own opinion. If any Admins here feel that I'm out of line in what I'm saying or totally off base, please feel free to point it out to me. I've just seen a TON of new people on the server with a |TG| in their name and I've never seen most of them post. So I wanted to express my feelings about what it all means.....To me anyway. (Hell, I'm considered a New guy as well.) :)

I'm wondering how many of you know what goes into putting those |TG| tags on in addition to your Callsign? Or even just playing on the Servers for that matter? Most times, wearing Tags signifies that you've joined, or been accepted to, a Clan/Guild/Team. However, that's not really the case here. Yes, you've joined a group, but most of the rigors of a Competitive Clan don't apply here.

There's no initiation, or vote or application. There isn't a test of skill or a "Trial Period". And there's no specific set of Leaders that bestow the Tags to you after you've "earned" them. Hell, most anyone can put them on to be honest.

So, I can see how that may lead you to think that wearing the |TG| tags is easy. However, you couldn't be more wrong. Yes, putting them on is easy, but the price of wearing them and/or playing on the server the Tactical Gamer way does take a solid commitment.

And that commitment is all based on Honor and a willingness to adapt to a belief.

But before I get into that I have to wonder WHY you want to wear the Tags?

To some, it may be the certain "Status Symbol" they are looking for. Like a "Hey, look at me, I'm in |TG|! I'm da MAN!" In a sense, that view is valid, but it totally disregards everything else that is involved. Because with that "status" comes a great responsibility.

When you decide put that Tag on and/or play here you become a part of, hopefully, something better. Something closer to a family. Here it's no longer all about YOU, but about US. And your actions, good and bad, reflect on everyone that call's Tactical Gamer a home. Those actions include your conduct off the servers as well as on.

See, these Tags don't give you anything. They aren't a key to getting on the server whenever you want. They don't protect you from getting kicked. And they certainly don't make you a better person/player. Yes, there's a certain respect that people will have when they see the |TG| in your name, but it's up to you to live up to that respect. Because it was built on the backs of a lot of other players that have been here doing this for a long time.

They've built a place where the Team comes first. Where people try to play the right way. Where it's about acheiving the Goal of the Team over being the Lord of the Stats. And what's amazing about all this is that once people get a taste of it, they find that they like it. They like it a lot.

Complete strangers with nothing more in common than a server and a specific style of play find that they like it enough that they want to protect it as well as promote it. And in this on-line world that we play in, that is indeed something special.

Ok, this is where I get to the "Honor" part. Many people seem to think that all there is to playing an FPS game is how much Skill you have. They feel that skill covers up everything else and that's all it takes to make a "name" for themselves. Well skill is important but, IMO, attitude makes or breaks you. Skill can be learned, and honed. Honor, well either you have that or you don't. Especially with regards to honoring your commitment to your squad and your team.

I've seen many a great player with no Honor or with that ME first mentality, and personally, I'll take an honorable no skill newbie over a skilled jackass any day of the week. Least with that newbie, the hard part is already done.

Think about it.

Last thing, Always respect the time and effort that the Admin's put into making Tactical Gamer and it's servers go. The people that put in the time and effort to make this place what it is deserve your respect. Have a problem with something? Then voice it in a civil manner and speak how you would like to be spoken to. Yes there are going to be some bugs and glitches but that's the price you pay for having people that are constantly trying to make things better for YOU, the gamers that play here.

Just something to remember next time things get screwy serverside and some frustration sets in.

Think you can do better? Well then go run your own servers. Because, always remember, there would be NO servers/forums etc. for you to bitch about without their sacrifices.

So before you throw on that Tag or just decide to play here, remember what comes with it. It doesn't do anything more than shine a light on you. And add expectations. That when people join a squad with TG people in it they do so with the expecation of some GREAT teamplay. And of playing with a fun group of guys who believe in that style with all their hearts. Now if you can't or won't hold up your end of that, then it reflects on ALL of us that believe in this place and what it stands for. And you'd probably be better off playing someplace else.

Changes the perspective a bit doesn't it?