Discovered this earlier today thanks to a thread on the Battlefield 3 Reddit.

Better Battlelog

Here's a copy of the features list. The extension is currently available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Originally posted by Better Battlelog's Website
We permanently update and change features in BBLog.
If you have any ideas or find bugs, you can report it in our request tracker.

High Detailed and "Secret" Weapon Information
In cooperation with a very good weapon database called we are able to serve you stunning new information about every weapon. Now you really get all available details for every weapon. Accuracy plots and charts give this feature a amazing finish.

Inline Youtube Videos
Some users wanted a more "epic-looking" forum post, platoon or profile presentation. One thing we did for you was to replace all Youtube links with the embedded player. Now you can view the videos instantly.

User Radar
Everybody hates cheaters and hackers. From now on, you can avoid them on the battlefield. We are proud to present a feature that warns you before you join a server. Mark anybody via the new "radar" button and you will see a notification above the "joining server"-button if one of your marked users is currently playing on that server. Share your list with your friends or other users to increase your possibilities to play on clean servers.
NOTE: This is your own personal radar, you have to fill the list, because this is not a global option that communicates with other cheater or ban lists.

Server Radar
Use the radar feature not only for users, but as well for servers. As in the user radar, you will be warned if you try to join a marked server.
NOTE: This is your own personal radar, you have to fill the list, because this is not a global option that communicates with other cheater or ban lists.

Known Bugs, minor Improvements
In Battlelog exist some bugs that are not fixed, though huge systems never are perfect. We fixed some minor and major bugs in Battlelog with our addon since they do get annoying sometimes. Still, it is not the focus of this addon to bug-fix Battlelog.

Contextmenu (Right-Click)
Well, every mouse should actually have a right button. Why shouldn´t we use it? In some parts of Battlelog, we added a contextmenu which improves your browsing experience especially for bblog´s own features. In the BBLog menu or by the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + M you can highlight all areas which offer the right-click ability. More information here

BBCode Support
Most older boards and also some new ones have a BBCode support. This gives you the ability to easy format text in posts with predefined codes. Battlelog also support some bbcodes, but they give you nowhere the information how it works. We found the supported codes and integrate a easy to use interface to format your text.

Favorite Threads
This feature extends battlelog with a favorite thread list. Now you able to see on one place all you currently relevent board threads. It's very frustrating to search all the threads again and again, now you have time for more important things. Hope you enjoy it.