Date: 23 April 2012, 10pm-ish EDT
Server: TG Monday Night Rush
Map: Noshahr (Nosehair) Canals Rush - 32 player
Battlelog Round Summary

Joined Bravo squad on US side at the start of the round. Squad was led by HeymanWDFG, with Fallen, myself, and another pub who's name I can't remember. I don't recall the last guy communicating at all though. Levytheman95 joined in late in the round. Right off the bat I knew we had a solid setup. Heyman, Fallen, and I were communicating right from the start and meshed well. Heyman was constantly updating objectives and switching up tactics as the round progressed.

Started the round by riding a boat into the harbor on a strafing run of the right side before ditching the boat in the center ramp. From there heyman determined to go for Alpha MCOM. I split off into the docked barges on the water side of the warehouses to setup my spawn beacon, then moved in close to the building to setup a motion sensor. From there our team destroyed Alpha, and we managed to keep constant pressure and visual on Bravo until it fell.

Once the first set was down I got a little separated from the squad. I spawned on the beacon and was given a parachute, so I set down on the warehouse that previously housed the Alpha MCOM. Tried providing sniper cover on the back wall where several Russians were running about, but I was generally ineffective. Picked a couple kills but missed a lot of shots. (If I'd been thinking I would've brought the M98B instead of my L96, but oh well) From there I moved down to rejoin the squad at the train tracks, where almost the entire US team was pinned down by fire coming from all sides. Sometime during the chaos the Alpha MCOM was armed and destroyed. I started spawning in with various PDW's and eventually settled on the MP7 with 40 round mag, Reflex 1x, and Laser Sight. Tried placing a beacon by the far left warehouse, and held there briefly but was soon overrun. A friendly squad managed to push past me on the left but I'm not sure how far they made it in. Eventually I died and spawned back with Fallen and Heyman. Fortunately the team got some momentum up and pushed to the Charlie CQ flag platform, at which point I made a mad dash into the Connex where Bravo MCOM was housed, armed it, and got out alive to help cover it. It went down quickly, as we had at least two squads covering the MCOM by this time.

The third set of MCOMs fell very quickly. After grabbing meds and rearming, Heyman decided we were going to push on the right hand flank near the stormdrain and overpass, and attack the MCOMs from behind. Heyman and Fallen did most of the work here, as I was down to one mag in my MP7 and my gadgets were expended. I wound up sitting back by an ammo box waiting for my Beacon and TUGS to rearm. By the sound of things above me, Heyman, Fallen, and a friendly squad managed to overrun the hilltop and arm both MCOMs, driving the RU defenders back off of the high ground and into the relatively more exposed roads and plains to the east.

Once my gadgets were back up, I helped push the last defenders off of the hill. Since this half of the map has longer sight lines I figured my MP7 wasn't going to be much use, so I scrounged an Assault kit from a fallen Russian. An AK-74M with 4x scope and Heavy Barrel, with a Glock 17C sidearm. This worked beautifully, as I've been running the RU 4x scope more often recently, and the AK74M lent itself very well to my purposes as a DMR. I'd almost say it outperformed my similar SVD setup, and the medkit was absolutely necessary for the next set of objectives. For the most part I hung back on the hillside at this set and picked off enemy snipers, machine-gunners (sorry Cyco ;) ), and infantry trying to move across the open ground. My main concern though was to stay alive, and I was throwing a medpack down whenever possible. Since I could no longer place spawn beacons, I resigned myself to serving as a living spawn point if nothing else. Eventually Bravo MCOM fell and Heyman ordered us to push across the stormdrain and attack Alpha MCOM. I moved across and hung back on a grassy knoll to the south of the objective, continuing to do as I had on the hillside.

The final set was a bear. The team managed to eventually push up to the RU Base's perimeter wall, but we just were not able to get inside. Fighting here was close in and dirty. Heyman set his sights on Alpha MCOM, but despite our attempts we weren't able to get onto it for most of the round. Eventually, he and I grabbed a boat and tried to rush down the left flank canal to come up behind Alpha. He was shot, I bailed out. I was saying over my mic as I swam to the nearest ladder "This isn't going to work, they're going to shoot me" or something to that effect, but somehow I managed to climb up to a low concrete boat launch, and place my spawn beacon and TUGS without the Russians noticing. Once I was there, I told Fallen and Heyman to spawn on me quick. From there we hit the Alpha defenders from behind, armed the MCOM, and defended it until it blew up. Fallen apparently believed believed this would work right from the get go, so I guess that shows me for doubting :p

Unfortunately we couldn't break into the RU Base's perimeter, and RU bled us out on tickets. Well played by all though. Heyman, Fallen, and I were all extremely pleased with how we performed as a squad despite the outcome.

What I could have done better: Honestly I'm not sure. Beast mode some more? I could have pushed more aggressively, but honestly I think that would've been counter-productive. Picking off defenders so the other squads could move up and keeping my gadgets online seemed like my best use.

What the squad could have done better: Not sure here either. We really could have used a communicative 4th member. Overall I think we had a good mesh personality wise and I absolutely would not trade that for anything. Heyman was a solid squad leader, and I'll definitely look to play with him again.

What the enemy could have done better: Aggression. As we demonstrated in the following round, if you can beat back the initial push on the first set of MCOMs, you stand a much better chance of winning. If RU had swept us off the docks at the start, we probably would have lost. That's not to say RU wasn't aggressive. They still beat us, and they played very well. I simply believe that they had ample opportunity at the first and second set of MCOMs to push us back off the objectives and score a decisive win, sooner.

Excellent rounds in all though and a hearty GG to all!

This AAR brought to you by TG-56th Grey Ops, reminding you that you're not drinking enough scotch.