Date: 12 May 2012, 10/11pm-ish EDT
Server: TG Battlefield 3 Server 1
Map: Operation Metro - Conquest
Battlelog Round Summary link for when original gets auto-purged

Squad: RU Alpha Squad - n1cotine (SL), walmz537, Rockford, TheLancerMancer

Going to say straight up, this was one of the most fun rounds I've had in awhile. It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of Metro CQ, but a talkative squad makes everything more fun. The game started out like most rounds of Metro, with both sides colliding with each other in an astounding lethal clash between both teams on the Bravo flag, with M67s, 40mils, rockets, frag ammo, and bullets in general flying everywhere. Unfortunately, RU lost the initial clash for Bravo flag, and I fully expected the game to just ticket grind into a typically irritating loss. Not so. Somehow our squad managed to get down the escalators and get on to Charlie flag. We were all a bit shocked that no one on US really opposed us, though by this early point of the game the entirety of both teams were duking it out in the street at Alpha. This left us to cap Charlie and (kind of) restore ticket bleed for our team. The game went very weird from here. At one point US had Alpha, while RU held Bravo and Charlie. Alpha and Bravo flipped multiple times during the game. When tickets got down to the ~150 range we had made up the initial gap and were at a 10 point lead, but soon after we lost Charlie and the game reverted to the RU Alpha vs US Bravo Charlie standoff. N1cotine and myself managed to slip past Bravo towards the end of the match and recap Charlie, but the ticket lead was too much and RU was pinned at uncap. US won by about 100 tickets.

I've recently discovered I've been misusing spawn beacons. Before I had been keeping them near me, near the action and thus near the squad. I've been trying to take a step back of late, and hide my little satellite dish more effectively. I won't give away each spot where it was, but some clever placement of the beacon saved us from at least two squad wipes on Charlie flag throughout the game. Definitely something I'm going to be making better use of in the future.

What I could have done better: Stay alive. I had several needless deaths while we held Charlie as I was running hunter-killer within the TUGS radius with a PDW, and got overaggressive at times. Perhaps some more caution on my part could have kept us in place down in the tunnels longer.

What the squad could have done better: I don't think I can make any judgments this time on the squad, as I was running around like a squirrel on crack the entire time. Our comms were solid and we all had a good laugh, so we meshed well. I think holding Charlie was the right decision in any case.

What the enemy could have done better: Take Charlie. The US team let us hang out down there waaaayyyy longer than they should have. Eventually they pushed us hard and eventually took Charlie back, but we brought the ticket bleed back to about even before they finished us off. Still, US won handily. Well played.

I also noticed a lot of complaining from the RU team in text chat at the end of the game, mostly involving being spawn trapped in the uncap. While this is a valid concern, I'd like to point out that Charlie flag was a spawnable option and very safe at the time these complaints were being made. This was particularly frustrating as we had Bravo's back door kicked off its hinges, yet it appeared the rest of RU was too busy complaining to actually spawn on it. Just an observation.