1 July 2012 - Polana, Chernarus

It started off with Peterson's discovery of a helicopter crash in Polana, in the NE region of the map. The group that assembled to raid it consisted of Peterson and LpBronco; who were first to arrive at the site, and HiTest and myself; who arrived sometime later. I had been following HiTest on a raid into Berezino earlier in the evening, and LpBronco was attempting to work his way in to join us as he had just returned from dinner. Peterson had been (I presume) attempting to scrounge basic supplies and ammo in Polana but quickly discovered there were several non-TGs in the area. Sometime soon after he saw the crash and notified us. HiTest immediately decided to run south and then west to Polana as quickly as we could. Bronco, being on the opposite side of the city from us, elected to make a beeline for Peterson's position. During the interlude of much running on our parts, Peterson kept eyes on the crash site, and managed to kill one of the players in the area who tried to investigate the helo wreckage. By my understanding, this player was very well equipped and Peterson got most of the supplies he needed as well as a new primary off of him. When HiTest and I eventually reached the crash site Bronco and Peterson had cleared most of the zombies. The crash itself was worth the trip, as the ammo box that spawned provided a cornucopia of sniper rifle ammo. There were also a couple of the more common military primaries around and an M14 CCO.

The original plan was to get in, grab as much ammo as possible, and get out. We knew the area was hot, Peterson had heard a big gunfight down in the town earlier, and we knew there were non-TGs roaming the hills. As you've probably guessed the original plan went awry, as is what usually happens with these things. We wound up aggro'ing zombies and had to fend off a wave using non-suppressed weapons. This whole time Bronco was saying, "we need to get out of here" and "we've been here too long." With all the shuffling around of primary weapons, and making space in bags, and so on, we wound up staying at the site far longer than intended.

And then out of the blue I heard Peterson ask, "Are we being shot at?"

As it turns out, we actually were being shot at.

The scene that followed reminds me of the firefight scene from The Boondock Saints, only with the neighborhood swapped out for the hills of scenic Chernarus, and the pistols replaced by AK variants and M4s.

Peterson and I were both got hit in our legs, leaving us no option but to crawl up a nearby hill to relative safety whilst Bronco and HiTest shot back from the crest of the hill. We were screwed to the wall and we knew it. Those guys had the higher ground, had us in the open, had two of us down, and probably had more accurate guns. Hell, I didn't have a clue where they were until after most of the shooting stopped. And yet somehow we all managed to get over the hill, Peterson and myself doing nothing but crawl as fast as we could and pray the enemy didn't decide to finish us off first. After getting over the ridge we somehow managed to bandage up and get morphine into the two of us with the broken legs. At this point HiTest and Bronco saw a couple of the enemy running up hill perpendicular to us, obviously trying to get higher ground and flank us. We didn't really want to get in a gunfight. We had already looted the good stuff from the helo, and none of us wanted to die either. So we ran. I won't say which way because this is a public post and I'm paranoid, but run we did. And we didn't stop running for a good long time.

We all survived, and the only thing I can rightfully attribute it to is an insane amount of luck. What I can say for sure is that DayZ has just delivered to me the tensest, most exciting moment I have yet experienced in a multiplayer game. It was a pleasure running with (literally ;) ) you three gentlemen. Tonight we cheated certain death, and I hope that we can each make a hearty profit on the virtual lives we still have.