So first things first, tonight's foreign ops raid went over really well. For those of you with access to the DayZ private forum, here's the link for some of the non-public details.

The results:
Originally posted by Zhohar
Abel: 2 kills + 1 disconnect (confirmed kill)
Zho: 2 kills
Lancer: frag grenade + shots on target - possible disconnect

Friendly deaths:
- Reinhold: retreived all his gear back.
- Bronco: shot and killed.

After Bronco got killed, we had a fairly accurate location on his killer. We would have killed him and gotten Bronco his gear back but ...
A hacker threw everyone up in the air and killed them. Some of us died, some disconnected quickly enough.

All in all -- good times. Lots of gear, -retracted-, tons of fun had. New event coming up soon, thanks for coming!
The actual op went really well. The raid ended abruptly however when the server got hit by a hacker who teleported everyone outside of the map (23k to the NW of the NW edge of the map to be exact) in midair so everyone would fall to their deaths. As soon as this happened, we disconnected as quickly as possible. Orbital, Abel, and Gamer all got killed. Zhohar survived unscathed back at the AO. Kebab and I both got spawned out in the wilderness 23k outside of the map, I was completely okay, Kebab was bleeding and unconscious 30m from me, but otherwise okay.

So let's evaluate the situation. I have an M24 with 3 mags, a Bizon SD with 2 mags, a G17 with 6 mags, a coyote elite pack, a full complement of survival gear, 3 bottles of water, 1 can of beans and 2 steaks, and some other goodies. I've been alive for 10 days. Kebab is in a similar situation. We both have solid kits and a good amount of time under our belts, and some asshat has just tried to ruin it for us by teleporting us outside the map. There's a few ways we can handle this.
1. Suicide and respawn on the coast, losing all our gear.
2. Ask if any TGr's can bring a car out this far to pick us up.
3. Ask the DayZ devs to reset our spawns to the coast.
4. Run home.

I didn't want to do the first, because I don't want to lose my stuff. I've died plenty of times, and I can rekit myself fine, but I just don't want to do it. The second is impractical, as it would take a lot of fuel for someone to reach Kebab and I and then drive us back. The third is probably not an option, considering how big the player base is at this point. So that leaves the fourth, run home. Run all 23 odd kilometers of wilderness back to the edge of the map.

Challenge accepted.

Screw you Mr. Hacker. I'm not standing for this. I have a map, compass, and a GPS. I may be outside the map, but damn you I'm setting a waypoint at 000 000 and running back to playable space, and if I die in the process then so bloody well be it.

I took this screenshot at about halfway home, just as proof that we were this far out. I forgot to take one when we spawned. After 2 bottles of water and 2 steaks and about 30-60 minutes of running (I didn't keep track), Kebab and I made it back. Check the GPS for proof. Fortunately the run was quite easy for me; my keyboard has a "cruise control" button on it, so I just set it hold down my W key, and let it run me to my waypoint while I ate ice cream, read a book, and chatted in TS. I'll just say that at the end of it all, grass and trees in a video game have never been a more welcome sight. We're alive!

As for the raid itself, that was the most fun I've had laying prone under a pine tree for four hours, ever. :D Lots of good laughs and stories in between the tension and excitement of PvP action. Thanks for being there everyone!