Operation Anodyne Sea will commence at 11am EST (UTC-5) Sat July 9th.

I've found this mission style to be one of the most immersive gaming experiences I've ever had. Check this out...

The cooperative MSO mission can continue for days in Arma. You do your shift and go to bed. When you rejoin the next day you are in the same spot a day later. You read the after action reports on the forums, check in with your leader and head out for another shift. The overall goal is to clear 225 square kilometers of bad guys and win the support of the locals.

The CO will assign squads to set up forward operating bases. Supply routes will have to be secured and materials moved from the main base to build them. Then you begin clearing towns, discovering enemy positions, fending off the counter attacks, reinforcing the battle another squad needs help with.

We are utilizing ACE artillery which requires a 3 man crew to receive grid coordinates, compute fire solutions, prep rounds & set up the gun.
ACE crew served weapons like TOW launchers and mounted MG's can be assembled to defend your fortifications. The ACRE radio mod simulates radio coms where you control the freq you use and its signal is affected by buildings & terrain. Did I mention the 3D positional direct sound?

All in all this is going to be a mission of massive scale the likes of which ArmaII: Combined Operations was made to do. Consider this an invite to come on by & we'll help you get set up with the mods over the course of the next day. Remember this mission should last for several days so come on by & sign up with your availability.

|TG-Irr| Unkl