Just wanna make sure you all know that Oct 6th at 2pm EST (New York Time) we are embarking on a massive COOP mission in ArmA2.

Here it is, it is what you guys have been dreaming about. Large scale combined arms assault with air and ground support.

Operation: Venomous Strike is set in the world of Chenarus. Opfor have been in the region for too long and we are making a final attempt to push them out before they take it to the next level. This event will feature a larger Chain of Command (CoC) than most are use to. It will also house company size infantry within wooded areas. The firefights will be intense, movements will be precise, and air support satisfying. Join in on this ground breaking event!
We've got participation with Rusty In Places, Tour of Teamrespawn and ARMA.CO.ZA to bolster the ranks as well. We've run some recent events with these 3 communities and have had a blast.

What has me interested is after taking out the Scud we have to track down the scientist that was blackmailed into arming the Scud with a chemical weapon. He is on the run and only has a short range radio. We don't know what channel he is on & he is likely injured. We have to secure him and his intel. Plus this character is going to be a real person.

The mission maker, Sector_15504, is going to be Viktor Reganda the chemical weapons scientist. This will add a lot of elements to the chase I'm sure.

So, here are the links:

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